Name Era-Series
Dimension L1000mm x W23mm x H34 mm
Input Voltage 24VDC/36/48/ 95-265VAC(43-60Hz)
Power Consumption Era-Series: 10/18/25W
Luminous Flux 2130Lm at 3000K, CRI>90, 60° x 90°
Luminous Flux 1730 Lm
Brand of LEDs LED CREE
Color Single color (2200K-6000K; RGB/RGBW)
Angle 45,60, 60x90, 120°, Diffuser
Function Dimmer None/ DMX512 - With Auto Setting Address (iDMX512) 12bits Resolution (Multi Pixels))
Material Aluminium
Finishing (Color housing) Anode White
IP 66
Class III for DC. I for AC